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5 Products That Have Made Backpacking Easier

Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar

I left with this in January and I’ve only used half of it. Its lightweight, smells great and I don’t have to use conditioner. It can also come with a handy little metal container.


Bushman Repellent Plus

I love this stuff. I special ordered it from Australia to Borneo because I was scared of running out. It smells better than any other of the deet brands I’ve used, it has sunscreen, it doesn’t sweat off Borneo’s humid environment – its just awesome. Its worth noting that deet is horrid stuff and if you can get away with something more natural its worth doing that – but if, like me, you are a mozzie magnet, then I’d recommend this stuff.


Crystal Deodorant

This is just the brand you can find in Malaysia. I was dubious at first, but after looking at what anti-persperants actually do and what that increase of aluminium in your body could mean – I decided I’d rather smell than put more chemicals in me. Turns out, this stuff works. My underarms don’t smell and now they’re not slimey from all the product I was putting on everyday.


Image result for olive oil soap

Olive Oil Soap

Rather than having a bottle of some goop that you get through too fast and you probably cant recycle abroad, just grab a bar of olive oil soap that’ll last you ages and is great for your skin. Its also bio-degradable so you’re not polluting all those rivers you’re going to bathe in.


 Water Purification Tablets

These are only for when travelling in countries where the water isn’t totally safe to drink. Often your hostel or hotel will offer water, but when you’re out and about and you find you’re buying plastic bottles every day – think about getting these instead. Even if your water is from a river, drop one of these in and it makes it drinkable. It’ll have a slight chlorinated taste to it, but I think its worth it as not only are you not relying on shops being around and having cash, but its environmentally friendly.


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